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Accept cryptocurrency as payment in store or online.

CryptoMerchants is a platform that allows you to accept cryptocurrency as payment in store or online.

Benefits of cryptocurrency processing with CryptoMerchantProcessor.com:

  • INCLUDED -Training material to train employees how to use the software
  • NO set up fees – Go live in under 72 hours
  • Reduce processing fees
  • Eliminate credit card chargebacks
  • Eliminate customer card denials - No transaction volume limits
  • No limit on transaction amounts
  • Free software download - compatible with any android or iOS enabled device

cryptomerchantprocessor.com cryptocurrency processing has you protected against any changes in market value with our price protection guarantee. You keep the exact value a customer pays you, minus a 1.99% transaction fee. You have the choice if payments are received in cryptocurrency or cash.

If kept as crypto, it is a non-taxable event and you can accumulate an appreciating asset.

Consider the potential of cryptocurrency, where if you sold a worth $10 today, and it was worth $20 tomorrow.

Accept payments online, send invoices, or via an in-store payment terminal. This system works with brick and mortar businesses as well as e-commerce platforms. Payments are accepted with a simple QR code and can be integrated with your inventory system.

  • All crypto sales are fully documented and accounted for Cash settlements are deposited via ACH daily
  • Since you are selling cryptocurrency in your business, give the customers the ability to spend it also!
  • This also complements our Bitcoin ATMs perfectly!

To get started, fill out the application below and we will contact you to finalize the process and get you started!